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X-Wing: Upgrade Cards!

I wanted to keep my cards for the pilots, but every now and then, someone come up with the question: Where are my upgrade cards?! Well, they are finally here!

I'm expanding my X-Wing line with a few new upgrade cards, based on my previous artworks. My idea is to give a new life to my existing paintings with a colour and mood change or using some extra effects. Not all of these artworks are available as X-Wing pilots, a few of them are from my Legion or Armada line, so if you are only an X-Wing player, maybe a couple of these artworks will be new for you.

Let's see the cards! Start with the eight crew options for standard play:

Beside the crew cards, there is one astromech and one gunner option too:

Finally, don't forget about epic play:

I hope you will love this new wave of cards! If you want to see a specific upgrade in the future, let me know in the comments! I'll try to make it happen for the next wave!

If you want to grab a couple of these, click here! I don't have much of these cards yet, and I'm running a sale right now, so don't hesitate much! ;)


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