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Digital Art

Do you need an illustration for your board game? Are you ready with your new song and need an album cover? Or a digital portrait for a family member? Awesome! We can make it happen!

How much does it cost?

The price is vastly different for the different kind of artworks. Here are a couple examples:

Character illustration without background: €75-150

Full illustration for a card: €200-500

Book, album, board game cover art: €250-1500

Playmat artwork: €300-700

These are just estimates. The final price depends on the theme, details, layers, required files at the end. If you need just the pilot's face in the cockpit for a card, it is a faster and cheaper work than a whole spacefight with multiple ships and other elements. 

How can we work together?

When I'm working on an artwork, I like to talk about every little details with the clients and I'm usually open for changes.

At the start, I usually draw two sketches. We can discuss which one do you prefer, which elements should remain, which parts should go.

After this, I'll add more details to the line art. If we can agree on the drawing, I start to fill in the paper.

I paint in greyscale. It's much more easier to reach a good contrast and catch the little, strange mistakes. This phase is the longest and hardest, 90% of the painting is getting done here.

When the greyscale painting is done, I'm going to add the colours, lights, other effects.


My goal is provide a great artwork. It takes time, but in my experience, we can find the common ground easily using this workflow.

Do you make concept art too?

In rare cases, yes, but I prefer doing fine art illustrations. My approach to painting isn't working for the fast concept art workflow, but if you have the idea, the story, the approved concept, I can make the final illustration for you!


What kind of artworks do you make?

I mainly paint illustrations for cards, but I sometimes there are other projects as well.

I've painted portraits for Christmas, shirt designs for gaming groups, metal album covers, board game box arts, logos for websites, even labels for a wine company.

How much time do you need?

It really depends on the project. A simple artwork for a card can be done in a week with the back-and-forth emailing, but a bigger project with more people can be long.

Also, I'm usually working on two or three projects at once, especially near the holidays, so it's better to start an artwork as soon as we can.


Let's slay the grey and paint those plastic minis! But how does it work... and how much will it cost?


Well, it depends on a lot of factors. Each job is different, but I can give you an estimate quote for the different types of miniatures.

Board game minis: €15-45

Infantry models: €20-35

Small characters: €35-90

Larger characters: €70-150

Vehicles, monsters: €70-350

X-Wing miniatures: €35-75

Of course, these are just broad price ranges for an approximate calculation, but again, every miniature, every project is unique. If you just want a one-colour army with a simple ground base is much-much cheaper than an elf army, riding dragons with freehand painted banners.

Is it the standard level or the showcase quality?

I normally don't paint with levels in my mind. I do as much as I can with the miniatures. I won't stop at a simple wash, because that was a standard level and I need to paint fifty more minis for the squad. I paint everything like my own models. Of course, the characters and larger pieces will get more attention than a simple troop, but usually those miniatures has more stuff to work on too.

So, these prices are for my high quality category. You can see my portfolio at the gallery. This is how I paint.

If you want a speedpaint-level job for a gaming table, I can make it happen, not a problem, but that's not my preferred way of painting.

Are you going to build the models for me?

Yes, I can build the models too. In a lot of cases, it's even the preferable way for me. The building and cleaning are built in the base price, no extra charge here.

What about the basing?

If you want a simple base with dirt, ground, a few grass tufts or a desert-style base, it's not a problem! It's free of charge.

But if you want something bigger, more unique bases for your models, I can manage it for an extra fee.

How much time do you need?

Well, that's the hardest part. We all heard stories about missing deadlines and year long delays...

I'm usually working on two or three projects at a time. I try to be as fast as possible. The required time depends on the project, the unique features. As an estimate, you can calculate one working day per model after I get the package. But I can give you a more precise date after I got the details of the job.

Sometimes, I miss the deadline by one or two weeks, but never years! In these cases, I will be open about it.

Do you paint larger scale miniatures or busts?

Yes, I do paint these kind of minis. You can see a couple of these in my gallery.

The price range here is all over the place. I can't give you an estimate which can be applied for this kinbd of models. They are vastly different! For a calculation, we will need to discuss the details here.

Non Metallic Metal or True Metallic Metal?

I can manage both options, but keep in mind, the true metal is much more faster and cheaper than a non metallic paintjob. 

Do you paint metal miniatures or just plastic stuff?

If the cleaning and priming stages are done well, every material is the same for painting purposes. Of course, the shipping cost can be higher for heavier materials and I'll need to use some extra protection, but I can paint anything!

Can you buy me the models?

I can buy the minis if they are available here. If I need to buy them, I will ask for a payment upfront to buy the boxes.

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