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Digital Art

Do you need an illustration for your board game? Got a new song ready but no album cover yet? Or are you looking for a family digital portrait? Great! Let's do it!

How can we work together?

When I'm working on a project, I like to talk through every little detail with the client and I'm usually open to changes.

At the beginning of the job, in most cases, I make two sketches. Based on these we can discuss which one you like better, what should stay, what should change.

After that, I will make a more detailed line drawing. Once we've talked this through and agree on everything, I start filling in the paper.

I make a grayscale picture. The reason for the grey scale is that it's much easier to get a good contrast and to catch small, tiny flaws and oddities. This phase is the longest and hardest, the painting is 90% complete now.

When the grey version is ready, I add colours, lights, other effects.


My goal is to deliver a quality piece of work. It takes time, but my experience is that with this way of working, we can easily find common ground.

How much is it?

Prices vary a lot, depending on the nature of the job. Here are some examples:

Character illustration without background: €75-150

Full illustration for a card: €200-400

Book, album, board game cover art: €250-1500

Playmat artwork: €300-700

These are of course approximate prices. The actual price depends on the theme, details, layers, files required. If you just need a simple picture of the pilot's face in the cockpit, it is a faster and cheaper job than painting a whole space battle with various ships and other elements.

Do you also make visuals and concept art?

Very rarely, as my technique is not specifically based on quick sketches. But if you have the idea, the story, the concept art already accepted, I'm happy to create the final, polished illustration!


What kind of artworks do you make?

I mostly do card illustrations, but there are other projects as well.

I've painted Christmas portraits, t-shirt designs for gaming clubs, album covers for metal bands, board game box arts, logos for websites, even labels for a vineyard.

How much time do you need?

It depends on the project. A simpler illustration can be done in a week with emailing, but a larger job where I need to communicate with several people takes longer.

All I know is that I usually have several jobs in progress, especially around the holidays, so the sooner we get started the better!


Let's deal with those grey miniatures! But how does it work... and how much will it cost?


Well, that depends on a lot of things. Every job is different. If you want a monochrome army with a plain base, it's much, much cheaper than an elven army riding dragons and waving patterned banners. The same is true for quantity: the more similar pieces I can work with at a time, the more discount I can give on the total price.

Will it be good for the table or showcase quality?

Both are doable. It's just a matter of needs and cost. 
If you want a simple goblin army for the table, with not much to worry about, a few capes, a shield or two, maybe a major character, there's no need to work out every last detail on all 200 figures. On the other hand, painting a unique character or a larger tank requires more time, more techniques, more detail. 
The more detail you let go, the faster and cheaper it is to paint.

As an example, the two ends look something like this, but of course it's all a matter of agreement:

Board game minis: €15-45

Infantry models: €15-35

Small characters: €35-90

Larger characters: €70-150

Vehicles, monsters: €70-350

X-Wing miniatures: €35-75

Will you assemble the miniature for me?

Yes, I can build the minis. I prefer it that way in most cases. Building and cleaning is easier, no extra cost for smaller figures. For larger models, tanks, armies, we will discuss the price.

What about the basing?

If you want a simple base with dirt, a little grass, or say a desert one, no problem! It's included in the price.

If you want a more special, larger, more unique base, that's no problem either, but it may cost extra.

How much time do you need?

I usually have two or three projects running at the same time, but in each case I try to finish as quickly as possible. The time required depends on the nature of the project and the specific needs. I can usually estimate one figure per working day from the moment I receive the models.

Do you paint larger scale miniatures or busts?

Yes, I also work with these kinds of models. I have some pictures of them in the gallery.

The price for these models can vary a lot, it is impossible to say how much it will cost without knowing the details.

Non Metallic Metal or True Metallic Metal?

I have experience and use both techniques. An important aspect is that working with true metallic paint (TMM) is faster and therefore cheaper than non-metallic painting (NMM).

Do you also paint metal figures or just plastic?

Once the cleaning and priming is done, essentially all materials are the same when it comes to painting. Of course, metal figures are more expensive to have shipped because of the weight, and you have to pay more attention to the packaging, but there is no significant difference in the work.

Can you buy me the models?

If they are available here, yes. In that case, I will ask for the price of the boxes in advance, before painting starts.

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