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About me

I was quite young when I first met the world of arts and gaming. Usually my dad  was the Dungeon Master and his old buddies would come over to our home to play D&D or just a MtG match. For the play sessions, my dad would draw the maps, paint the character illustrations or even make us a whole HeroQuest-like board game to play.

During my school years I used to draw and paint a lot, and of course I played a lot of PC games and tabletop RPGs, of course. As the years went by, more and more of my friends asked me to make something for them. My hobby turned more and more into a job, but I wasn't really interested in that at the time.

The big discovery happened in 2011 when I first used a digital tablet. It was a cheap, low-brand one, but hey, I can paint on my computer and upload the finished pieces with a click! It was a whole new world for me! I didn't even use traditional paints until 2013, when I started painting my board game miniatures.

I've been moving in both worlds in parallel ever since. If I try something new in the digital world, I can probably use that experience in the model painting side too. And it's mostly true the other way around. My two hobbies turned into one complex job... and I'm loving it! It's an awesome feeling to put my painted miniatures on the table and use cards with my illustrations!

May the Dice be with You!

Ferenc Patkós

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