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Alt Art Cards

Are you an X-Wing player? Do you like Legion? Or maybe you prefer the larger-scale Armada battles? Check out my cards for your army!


Most of my Star Wars fan art is available in card form for tabletop games. These are unofficial cards, for use in friendly matches... and in most cases, the tournament organizers will let you use them in official battles too!

Printed on 330gr triplex paper of casino quality, zero transparency and resistant to worn-out. The corners are rounded, the cards are shipped in premium sleeves. 

If you are interested, check my Etsy store!

If you are an event organizer and want to buy in bulk for the prize pool, just send me a mail for a custom price!

That's all?

No, not really. I have a few art prints on canvas from previous art exhibitions, some shirts for our X-Wing team, a mug and so on. Most of these are available for purchase, I can help you out with unique stuff, but these are not available online, in larger quantities. I'd like to expand my palette and use my work outside of tabletop games, but it's a slow process if you want a perfect quality.

If you're interested in this kind of unique stuff, feel free to contact me! Send me a message and we can discuss the details!

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