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Hello There!

Welcome to my new site!

My name is Ferenc Patkós, or Drenus in the online world. I'm a digital artist and miniature painter from Hungary, working on both personal stuff and commissioned pieces. If you are interested in my artworks, just take a look at my galleries!

Why do you need a website?

In the last ten years, I mainly used Facebook for my business. Sadly, the new trends and the changing nature of that site are slowly killing my art profile. Most of my messages are lost, a few posts are just simply doesn't show up, the community is shrinking. The Facebook groups for artists are still going great, but the smaller, personal ones aren't.

So, I need something new, something professional for better communication and to show my work! I will still share my stuff on Facebook, but this one will be my main site!

Is it ready?

No, it's not. I'll need to work on it a bit more. There are a couple missing pages, but the gallery is working, so it was time to publish it!

What can we expect from you?

I will post work-in-progress pictures, ideas for new projects, news from the studio, open time slots for commissions and so on. I'll try to keep it professional, but there will be a few personal stuff too. If I find a cool board game or a new interesting material to work with, I will probably share it!

In the next few days or weeks, I will try to upload as much details as I can about commissions and my online stores!

Thanks for reading!


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