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Project NISEI: 2022 World Championship - Gateway Runner Avatar Identities

One of my all-time favourite games is the Netrunner LCG by FFG. Actually, my only 10 point rating on BGG. So when I got a mail from the Project NISEI team to help them out with a few illustrations, it was a no-brainer!

The Project NISEI is one of the best fan-made project ever for a card game! After the end of the official era, they tried to keep the game alive with new expansion packs and tournaments. The Project is going strong for years now and they the game is getting better and better with every new release!

My job was to make three ID cards for three different Runners for the upcoming 2022 World Championship. The funny thing was the idea behind these characters. They are not just some folks behind the screens! These are Avatars inside the Netspace! They left behind the human body after the login and picked a different skin for there identity.

This whole idea is quite new for the game and the briefs for all three of the characters were so great! Thanks again for the ideas, the stories, the backgrounds for these Runners!

Let's see the final illustrations and the cards!

René "Loup" Arcemont is a big, bulky, low-class man in the real world. In the Netspace, he is a big, bulky, fancy werewolf chef with a nice cleaver! You don't want to mess with him!

Tao Salonga's body isn't working properly. He need to use machines, a medical exo-frame to move properly. When he is in the Netspace, the exo-frame becomes his body. His weakness in the real world makes him much more stronger in the virtual space!

Zahya Sadeghi is my favourite. She is trying to keep her real identity a secret. Not for her own safety, but her family. Her look is ethereal with translucent layers and the whole galaxy above her shoulders!

I'm so happy to be part of this world and I can't wait to start the next cards! I hope I can show more of the Netrunner world thorugh my paintings in the near future!

If you want to get these cards and other stuff too, check this link! There's still time to buy tickets for the tournament!

Thanks again for the chance to work on this project! Also, congrats to the other guys making the rest of the prizes!

And don't forget, with NordVP.. oh, never mind, sorry!


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