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Happy New Year!

2022 passed quickly! This was a dense year with so much happening around me, not just art related, but personal too. I'd like to write a summary, but I was a bit lost in the triangle of cookies-games-randomfolders. :)

I had a chance to work on a few different projects.

Beside the usual Star Wars paintings, there were Netrunner cards, Kickstarter projects, and even a few illustrations for a Hungarian TCG! The miniature painting side was a smaller part of the year, if we stick to the quantities, but half a dozen Underworlds warbands, a couple X-Wing repaints and a little bit of Flames of War isn't that bad!

I have a lot of new alt cards for the shop! Over fourty new or updated illustrations and the upgrade cards for X-Wing are here too! I hope I can expand the line in the next few weeks.

If we count my own miniatures, I finally had time to work on my Legion armies! Actually, I just finished three B1 squads last weekend! I participated in a mini painting competition with Storm. A few board games from my shelf are almost done: I just need to paint the last ones for Tang Garden and Monster Slaughter!

Most of these things are not published yet, and I'm not allowed to upload a some artworks yet, and I'll need to take photos too and so on. But be ready, there will be a huge amount of artworks coming this year!

Happy New Year and folks, play more games! ;)


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