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Aerodome: Rising Horizons Vol 2

Updated: Jul 3

The new Aerodome campaign has been launched! Two new expansions, new characters, new planes, hundreds of new possibilities!

As with the previous Kickstarter, I have been working on this project. My illustrations will be revealed over time - although you can already see a small version of one of the playmats on the site - and you can read about their journey here! I will be updating this post from time to time.

Until then, check out the Aerodome campaign page: Aerodome: Rising Horizons Vol 2

Update 1: Organize your Play with Store Championships

Aerodome is built on community and tournaments. As such, there will be kits with unique cards and tokens to win.

For example, in a kit called Dragonslayer you will see these cards:

Here you will find three of my illustrations on the cards Ace Roll, Proficient Turn and Recover Rotate. You will be able to see the artwork separately on my site later.

You can find the full update here: Organize your Play with Store Championships

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